Buffalo N.Y. Strip Steak Stuffed w/ Beau Cheese
By Chef Don Louie CEC, ACE
Main Course: 10 oz Buffalo N.Y. Strip and 1-2 oz of Beau Cheese
Cooking: Make a pocket by cutting on the inside of the steak that is opposite side of the outside fat layer. Stuff the strip w/ the beau cheese and to close the opening use tooth picks to seal. Next pre-heat your pan on high heat with 1 tablespoon of oil, when the pan starts to smoke reduce the heat to medium place the steak in the pan for 4 minutes for each side remove and your ready to serve.
Recommended side dishes: Fresh cut Green Beans sauté w/ bacon bits or cran raisin. For a starch grilled texas toasted coated w/ chopped garlic butter placed as a bed for the steak.
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