Welcome to Heart Rock Bison. We are a family owned and operated farm and ranch, located on the high plains of Eastern Colorado. Owners Larry and Jacki Higgins, Vicki Andersen and Dick Andersen (Jacki's sister and brother) started raising buffalo in 2000. Along with the buffalo, also raise beef and farm wheat, corn, and sunflowers.

     We primarily focus on the meat side of the buffalo, selling meat to go into the freezer and offering buffalo jerky. Our buffalo are corn fed, with free choice of farm-raised hay. No growth hormones, implants or chemicals are used on or in our animals.

     As active members of the Rocky Mountain Buffalo Association (RMBA) and National Bison Association (NBA), we have the proud distinction to have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards in the Gold Trophy Show and Sale over the last six years in the Market Class at the NBA annual conference.

     Please feel free check out our web pages for more information.

Heart Rock Bison, LLC
36285 County Road 3T
Genoa, CO 80818
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