Sisters Jacki and Vicki along with brother Dick are the 4th generation of Andersen’s to farm and ranch this property. Great Grandfather, Johan Andersen first homesteaded in the early 1900’s, then passed to Grandfather, Anders Andersen, then passed down to father, Gene Andersen and then to daughter Jacki and son-in-law Larry Higgins.

      In the mid 70's, father, Gene Andersen also raised buffalo, along with the construction of a local attraction, the car corrals. We currently have two corrals, each built with approximately 100 old cars of all kinds (no imports), serve as a sturdy and effective means for working buffalo. While we have had some try to escape, so far it is car corral 2, buffalo 0.

     We have been in the buffalo business since January of 2000.

     Along with the buffalo we raise winter wheat, corn, sunflowers (oil type) and hay, all being non-irrigated. We also raise beef, the other red meat.

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